Welcome to DSpace-GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums)

This demo is offered by 4Science

Explore cultural heritage using our add-ons:

- IIIFImage Viewer to navigate Dante's Divina Commedia or Piero della Francesca's Flagellazione

- the audio/video streaming module to see Piero della Francesca's Battesimo di Cristo

- the OCR module to navigate Dante's Divina Commedia, searching, for instance, the term "cerchio"

Navigate the structure of archives through the different hierarchical levels

Analyze archaeological datasets 1 and 2 using our CKAN integration, by means of graphs and maps

Study the historical and geographical context of the items navigation through persons, events and places related to them.

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In the Big Data Age, Digital Library Management Systems have to forcefully enter the research process to manage both qualitative and quantitative aspects of digital cultural heritage and allow researchers also to analyze data, highlighting and enhancing their relationships at different scales. Therefore the flexibility of the data model and the availability of tools for analysis and interpretation become fundamental features for such systems.

DSpace-GLAM has been developed to face these challenges!